xLightweb (formerly xSocket-http) is an easy to use http network library to build high performance, high scalable network applications. xLightweb provides a simple and intuitive API to write client side HTTP applications as well as server side HTTP applications. In contrast to the Servlet API, xLightweb is not only focused on server side programming. xLightweb also supports client side programming by providing high-capacity client side classes such as a HttpClient. xLightweb’s shared foundation classes like HttpRequest or HttpResponse allows you to write custom artefacts such as a Log-Filter which can be used on the client side as well as on the server side. xLightweb includes an early implementation of Web Sockets and Server-Sent Events (HTML5preview)


Image from: iFlexStudios


xLightweb is not limited to blocking/synchronous programming. It supports both, blocking/synchronous programming as well as non-blocking/asynchronous programming in a very dynamic way, to provide application types such as COMET-Applications or HTTP proxies. xLightweb implements a high optimized HTTP parser and makes use of non-blocking/asynchronous capabilities of the underlying NIO library xSocket.